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A Short Film on Cahersiveen    

                                                After you have looked at this site we would very much like to see you person! You will find the Old Barracks fascinating. So please, where ever you are, come along and have a look. There are a load of photographs of the building and of the views from the building on the site. Feel free to use them! For those that have been to the building when I have been there you will see some photos of Cara (my dog); please feel free to use those as well.  
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Here are some photographs that were taken of Cahersiveen in the 1980's.

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 Cahersiveen means 'Stone Fort of Little Sive or Siveen'. Siveen's   stone fort is in ruins unfortunately but if you want a look it is just
   at the back of the building in Town Park by the side of the river.

Here are some photographs taken about 1990 which are of interest. The engine that pulled the last passenger train was by the side of the Old Barracks. There is a photograph of the Old Barracks with some vintage cars outside on a sunny day. The building under construction is the Cahersiveen offices of Fexco.